Paranoid Dysfunctional Personologic System-Magnavita

In the news today there is a story about a group of about 9 individuals who were heavily arming themselves and preparing for the “anit-Chirst”. They decided they were going to kill a policeman and then at the funeral kill others who were attending. The ex-wife of the leader of the group spoke of becoming increasingly uncomfortable with her husband (Level I) as he went from praying to amassing heavy arms and spreading his vitriol on his website. In addition to her ex-husband two of his sons were also inditced. I was immediately struck by the dynamics of this group and how it seems to represent a category of dysfunctional family (paranoid dysfunctional personologic system-ParDPS), that I wrote about in Relational Therapy for Personality Disorders. Although these dysfunctional systems are generally rare, as they tend to keep themselves isolated from society, we can see in this example how a the paranoia gets transmitted from one generation to the next via the mutigenerational transmission process (Level III). The paranoid process keeps these families out of the mental health system because of their suspiciousness of outsiders. I have treated a few members of these systems over the years and these ParDPS can be quite toxic and as in this case potentially dangerous. It will be interesting to see if there is an upsurge in these family/social systems coming to the attention of the authorities, as more and more stress in placed on our sociopolitical system (Level IV) as a result of economic hardship, high unemployment and rapid technological advances. In this case we can see how the individual psychopathologies, family system dynamics, and potential sociocultural forces are heating up these dynamics. Politically, we can see this vitriolic stirring up of listeners to various talk shows who are able to mobilize these paranoid dynamics and creating a systemic acting-out not seen in more stable times. Unified theory of human functioning seeks to understand how the four levels of the unified system inter-relate and potentially can be used to predict social and individual behavior. In times of societal stress the family and individual personality system is going to be stressed at the weakest point or at the “stress-diathesis”.