The Journal of Unified Psychotherapy and Clinical Science seeks to bridge the interdisciplinary gaps among contemporary clinical sciences in order to advance a unified model of human behavior that will highlight theoretical and clinical knowledge, as well as provide empirical support for the component domains of the human personality and their interrelationships.  The Journal is primarily devoted to the exploration and explication of the component domains of human personality functioning and dysfunctioning to provide a forum for psychopathologists, personality theorists, clinicians and researchers to enhance clinical practice and address dysfunction at various levels of the biopsychosocial system.  The mission is to establish the interconnections, process, and systems, which shape personality and which lead to dysfunction in the human personality system at various levels—that is, across the intrapsychic, interpersonal, relational and the sociocultural matrices.  We are particularly interested in articles focusing on any domain of human functioning/dysfunctioning at any level within the human system that emphasizes the placement of that domain and the nature of its connections with other domain areas.  Thus, we expect potential contributors to be cognizant of the broader relational domains in which any component is contextualized.

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