Theory of unified clinical science and psychotherapeutics

Unified theory of clinical science and psychotherapeutics is an evolving organic system. In the past theories of psychotherapy were essentially single domain systems which tended to emphasis one or two domains of the total ecological system. For example, psychoanalysis which was the original comprehensive theory of psychopathology, personality, and psychotherapy was essentially a system based on what occurred within the mind or at the intrapsychic level.

Later developments extended the domain to the interpersonal or what occurs in dyadic configurations. As various theoretical schools of psychotherapy developed and competed for ascendancy a natural dialectic process occurred culminating in the early 1980s in what is known as the integrative psychotherapy movement. This movement was seminal in advancing various types of integration. We are now at the point in contemporary clinical science where the principles, domain systems, and techniques of treatment have converged to the point where we believe we are entering a new phase of unification.

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