About Us

The Unified Psychotherapy Project (UPP) Task Force is an invited group of leading researchers, scholars, theorists, and clinicians who are devoted to advancing the field of clinical science and psychotherapeutics. The mission of the task force is to catalogue the methods and techniques of contemporary psychotherapy and organize them at four domain levels. The UPP is similar, although on a smaller scale, to the human genome project in that there currently is no comprehensive database which can be used by clinical scientists and clinicians.

The task force is divided into four subgroups with two co-chairs who are each assigned to one of the four domain levels. These levels are derived from the work of clinical theorists, scholars, and researchers who have offered these technological-conceptual advances. The task force is in the process of building a comprehensive database which will be a platform for further advances in the field. The database may only be accessed by members of the task force or their designees.

Project Coordinators:

Jeffrey J. Magnavita, Ph.D. Founder and Project Co-Coorindator
Steve Sobelman, Ph.D. Project Co-Coordinator

Task Force Co-Chairs

Level I:
Michael J. Constantino, Ph.D.
Kenneth N. Levy, Ph.D.

Level II:
Jack C. Anchin, Ph.D.
Ken Critchfield, Ph.D.

Level III:
Jay Lebow, Ph.D.
Tom Sexton, Ph.D.

Level IV:
Gregg Henriques, Ph.D.
Craig N. Shealy, Ph.D.

Advisory Board:
Allan Abbass, M.D.
David M. Allen, M.D.
Andre Marquis, Ph.D.