Level I: Intrapsychic Restructuring (IR)

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Intrapsychic Restructuring (IR) is the Intrapsychic-Biological Substrate


Intrapsychic Restructuring (IR) comprises a large body of treatment techniques and sub-methods (Defensive Restructuring, Cognitive Restructuring, Affective Restructuring, Cognitive-behavioral Restructuring & Neurobiological Restructuring) designed to reorganize and restructure processes/structures/functions that operate within the mind/brain of the individual. Thus, IR operates primarily at Level I (intrapsychic-biological matrix) of the total ecological system and is thus the most microscopic perspective of analysis. Within this level techniques which impact cognitive, relational, and attachment schemata, affective-defensive processes, anxiety regulation, and neurobiological functions.


To enhance the adaptive processing of the cognitive-affective-defensive operating system within the intrapsychic domain level of the individual.

Goals of Restructuring:

Create enhanced differentiation and integration among components of the intrapsychic system including neurobiological networks, defense-anxiety-affect loops, limbic system regulation etc

  • Subtypes of Intrapsychic Restructuring:
  1. Defensive Restructuring
  2. Cognitive Restructuring
  3. Affective Restructuring
  4. Cognitive-Behavioral Restructuring
  5. Neurobiological Restructuring

Methods & Techniques:


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