Steven A. Sobelman

Steven Sobelman, Ph.D.Steven A. Sobelman, Ph.D., Project Co-Coordinator

Dr. Steve Sobelman lives in two professional worlds: psychology and business.

Dr. Sobelman, a licensed psychologist, maintains a private clinical psychotherapy practice in Towson, Maryland. He is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Loyola University, Baltimore, Maryland, where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses and served as Chair, Graduate Programs in Psychology for almost 20 years. He was responsible for major changes and growth in the graduate programs of study, to include the creation of the doctoral program in clinical psychology. In 2008, he was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Board of Examiners of Psychologists in Maryland. Additionally, he currently serves as Treasurer of APA’s Division 29 (Psychotherapy) and served as the President of Division 49 (Group Psychotherapy). He also served as President of the Maryland Psychological Association (2002-2003) and received the Maryland Psychological Association’s award for Outstanding Professional Contributions to Psychology in 2005.   Dr. Sobelman also serves on the Board of Directors, National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.

Dr. Sobelman founded and served as President of Psych Associates, which became the largest private mental health organization in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. Further, he served as the CEO of The Psy Group, a business consulting firm specializing in human resource management. And, he is still a partner in the real estate development firm, Psych Development Group.

Dr. Sobelman served as the co-founder and CEO of DEMESYS, LLC, a company that developed a proprietary EMR software platform for the medical industry. Prior to DEMESYS, he was the founder and CEO of Reliable Internet Solutions, a software development and internet design and hosting company, specializing in software development, data warehousing, and data management systems.

In the 1980s, he was the on air psychologist for the NBC affiliate in Baltimore, Maryland. He serves and has served on professional, charitable, educational, and private executive boards and is a member or fellow of numerous professional associations. He lives with his wife, Sloane Brown, in Baltimore, MD and enjoys exercising, traveling, and of course, being with his children and grandchildren.



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